Welcome to Synterys

Synterys, Inc. is a Bay Area medicinal chemistry and collaborative drug discovery provider focused on the needs of virtual and small drug discovery companies. We are headquartered in the US with fully modern overseas facilities in Taiwan. Our outstanding and modern synthetic chemistry infrastructure and capabilities combined with a talented and experienced, U.S. based management team provide a powerful engine to drive our partners’ programs to success.

We have a highly experienced senior management team and staff with multiple years of experience in large pharmaceutical and small biotech companies and a proven track record of drug discovery success with numerous clinical candidates invented. We are the solution for new and virtual discovery companies that cannot find a match for their enthusiasm, intensity and need for results among the larger CROs.

When you’re ready to embark on on high quality discovery campaigns, we are here. Our background and success in fast-paced and start-up discovery environments make our values and work ethic highly aligned with yours.

Our Advantage

We offer a flexible and hybrid collaboration model with outstanding U.S. based management and facilities coupled with the cost efficiencies of overseas chemistry capabilities to provide “round the clock” operations. Chemistry can be performed in the U.S., Taiwan or in both locations. With our years of outsourcing experience, we understand the difficulty of small discovery companies finding a suitable level of attention and quality from large overseas CROs. Our IT infrastructure provides unmatched, efficient and secure communications with our clients for a higher level of Intellectual Property protection.