The Synterys Advantage

We offer a flexible and hybrid collaboration model with outstanding U.S. based management and facilities coupled with the cost efficiencies of overseas chemistry capabilities to provide “round the clock” operations. Chemistry can be performed in the U.S., Taiwan or in both locations. With our years of outsourcing experience, we understand the difficulty of small discovery companies finding a suitable level of attention and quality from large overseas CROs. Our IT infrastructure provides unmatched, efficient and secure communications with our clients for a higher level of Intellectual Property protection.



We offer comprehensive discovery solutions for start-up, virtual or semi-virtual concerns. With an internal focus on high-quality synthetic organic medicinal chemistry, we are virtually integrated with outstanding computational chemistry, DMPK and manufacturing partners to provide all the tools necessary for the rapid advancement of discovery projects. By virtually aligning area expertise, we believe the quality of our solutions far exceeds that of the “one-stop-shop” CRO.

  • Fully functional medicinal chemistry capabilities in the United States and Taiwan
  • Highly experienced synthetic chemists with multiple years of industrial experience
  • IP generation and hit seeking campaignsx
    • Parallel synthesis for focused libraries
  • Hit-to-leadand lead optimization
    • Our chemists have a proven track record of advancing high quality compounds into human clinical trials
    • Proven expertise in property-based drug design and optimization
  • Lead-to-clinic synthetic services: Partnered with expert preclinical process development and cGMP manufacturing capabilities


Value-Added Services

  • eNotebook
    • Real-time monitoring of projects for up-to-the-minute status reports
    • High-quality “corporate memory”
  • Compound Inventory
    • Backed by a sophisticated IT platform, we offer a physical location to store, retrieve and ship test compounds to third parties
    • Detailed tracking of samples
  • ADME/PK Services
    • We have working relationships with expert ADME/PK service providers and can provide rapid turn-around of discovery PK data

A contract research organization (CRO)
specializing in medicinal chemistry.
Reach us at +1 510 477 8810.

California Location
29540 Kohoutek Way
Union City, CA 94587

Taiwan Location
10F No. 397 New Taipei Blvd.
Taishan District, New Taipei City